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AI Football Value Bets

Football value bets as determined by our artificial intelligence bot that analyses hundreds of past matches.

Football Value Bets Predicted By AI Bot

A warm welcome to the artificial intelligence football value bets section of the website.

As both Steve and I have spent the majority of our working lives as software developers we decided that we would build a software product that helps pick the best football matches to bet on.

We named it AI Bot as it uses artificial intelligence routines to analyse between 15 and 20 years worth of football matches. It then uses the intelligence that it has gained from those matches and combines it with an analysis of more recent matches to come to an accurate conclusion of the probability of a particular team winning, drawing or losing.

This data is then compared with the actual odds that are available on the Betfair exchange to determine which bets are value bets.

For English Premier League matches, AI bot looks at over 7,000 matches to help it make an informed decision on the eventual result.

If you’d like to give AI Bot a try for yourself then simply sign up below at our special introductory offer of £3 a month. Please note we are only offering this special introductory rate to the first 100 subscribers.

You specify whether you would prefer value bets for the English Premiership, the English Championship, the Scottish Premiership or all three…

On completion of the AI Bot Subscription Request Form, we will send you a monthly subscription request via PayPal. When we receive payment we will add you to our subscriber list.

Then just sit back and wait for the email from our AI Bot. Providing there are relevant fixtures on that day, the AI bot will analyse odds available on Betfair and then determine which football odds are value odds. These will be emailed directly to the email you provide us upon signup.

All you need to do then is pick your preferred matches from the list we send to you and place your bet. We can’t guarantee a win but we can ensure you that you’ll be placing bets on only the best value odds available that day.

Please also note that you are free to cancel your subscription at any time and that we don’t use your email for any other purpose than to issue a subscription via PayPal.

Many thanks, Martin & Steve.


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